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Harbour Lights - 1960

In a small fishing village a broken streetlamp is thrown on the garbage dump. During a heavy storm, a fishing boat gets out of course. The old lighthouse has fallen asleep, but the streetlamp takes over its task. More info


The False Note - 1963

A small beggar tries in vain to obtain a handout in the big city where everything is based on publicity, efficiency and profit. The melody of his barrel organ ends with an impressive false note, which terribly annoys the city dwellers. In the end, the beggar will receive a handout that will fulfill his life's dream.   More info

To speak or not to speak - 1970

When the man in the street has to give his opinion about the political situation, there is not much to note in his speech bubbles. Vague and lack of personality are trump cards. Only a marginal figure dares to give an opinion that is distinguished by personality.   More info

November Diversion - 1962

On November 11th a man is going to lay a wreath at his car resting in a junkyard. However, the cemetery turns out to be a labyrinth in which he hopelessly gets lost.   More info

Chromophobia - 1965

The gray legions overwhelm the world of color to establish their colorless dominance. The resistance emerges in the guise of a scarlet Thyl Ulenspiegel, who will bring about the return of the color with its chromatic wiles.   More info

Goldframe - 1969

Jason Goldframe, film producer, is the best anywhere and always the first! Above all, he wants to be the first to produce a masterpiece that has never been realized before: a 270 mm film. Driven by his obsession with performance, he wants to outdo even his own shadow. One evening he succeeds ...     More info

Tank - 2015

On September 15, 1916, the British were the first to use tanks during the Battle of the Somme in an attempt to break through the war of positions. The deployment of this new weapon meant a hellish experience for both the trench defenders and the tank crew.    More info

Winter Days - 2003

The collective work 'Winter Days' (Fuyo no hi) consists of 36 animation films made by 35 animators from all over the world. Each contribution is inspired by a line of the eponymous poem by 17th-century Japanese master Matsuo Basho and his friends.    More info

Atraksion - 2001

Galeibovies stroll aimlessly through a desolate and blotted landscape. One of them dares to look at a blinding light. Is this liberation? The man decides to take a chance.   More info

Nocturnal butterflies - 1998

A moth (nocturnal butterfly) leads us to the waiting room of a nocturnal station where a surreal sketch takes place. Inspired by the work of Paul Delvaux.    More info

Taxandria - 1994

The encounter between a lighthouse keeper and a young prince takes the latter to an imaginary world, Taxandria. In this fantastic setting, the lighthouse keeper leads the young prince to an insight into the power of love and the value of freedom.    More info

Harpya - 1979

During an evening walk, Mr. Oscar witnesses an assault. To his surprise, he finds that the victim is an authentic harpy. His interest has been aroused, but not without danger ...

More info

Halewyn's song - 1976

Lord Halewyn's magical song lures the girls from meadows and fields to his gloomy forest, from where they never return. Based on a medieval song.    More info

Pegasus - 1973

An old unemployed farrier is too old to participate in a technological society. Out of frustration, he creates an absurd world full of glorification of the horse, a world in which he feels just as useless and lonely.    More info

Operation X-70 - 1971

A mighty state is experimenting with a new kind of gas that does not kill, but stuns its victims and puts them in a mystical state. Accidentally, the X-70 bombs are dropped on a friendly neighboring state, where strange mutations occur.   More info

Sirene - 1968

Monstrous cranes and prehistoric flying reptiles dominate an inhospitable seaport. Only a lonely angler is tolerated as a human being. He witnesses a strange idyll between a cabin boy and a mermaid. Dream or reality?   More info

The Tall Guy - 2021

November 1914, the front in Flanders. In a partly destroyed aid post, the wounded French soldier François is the only one left. He is lying on a cot and has an open wound in the side. Suddenly he sees the silhouette of a figure with a pointed helmet on his head. More info


INFO about RENT / RIGHTS films Raoul Servais

If you wish to program one or more films by Raoul Servais for a public performance or TV broadcast, you can contact us. Almost all of Raoul Servais' films (except TAXANDRIA) are available digitally through Cinematek.

Rights for projection/broadcasting are charged in function of the following data: organiser, venue and date of projection, target audience, ...

Fill out the contact form on the contact page with your request.

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