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The Tall Guy (Der Lange Kerl) (2021)



November 1914, the front in Flanders. In a partly destroyed aid post, the wounded French soldier François is the only one left. He is lying on a cot and has an open wound in the side. Suddenly he sees the silhouette of a figure with a pointed helmet on his head.
The inexperienced young German, Friedrich, was sent to the front because of his gigantic stature to terrify the enemy. Slowly he steps towards the injured person. François keeps the only weapon he owns, a grenade, ready for use. Friedrich pulls out a revolver ...
Are the two young 'enemies' chasing each other to death or does the confrontation take a different turn?


World premiere : Film Fest Gent - 15 October 2022

Official Selection



Technical sheet


“The Tall Guy” (“Der Lange Kerl”)
Based on an original screenplay by Raoul Servais 

Format : DCP
Timing : 14’ 50"
DCI scope 1:2.39 (cinema) - 16:9 (television) 

Screenplay / story board: Raoul Servais
Directors : Raoul Servais & Rudy Pinceel
Director live-action & animation: Rudy Pinceel 

Director of photography : Erwin Van der Stappen

Studio animations : Tchack
Animation direction : Rémi Soyez
1st camera assistent: Lou Demeyere
Sound : Steven Van der Perre
Editing : Erwin Van der Stappen, Raoul Servais, Rudy Pinceel
Music : Dirk Brossé
Sounddesign & Foley : Gregory Caron
5.1 Soundmix Cinema : Marius Heuser
Decor and greenkey: Bas Temmermans
Producers : Luc Van Driessche, Matthieu Liégeois
Executive producers : Jacques Dubrulle, Peter Decraene
Production : Creative Conspiracy & Tchack
Actors: Gilles De Schryver, Matthieu Sys
Production management Creative Conspiracy: Greet Van Thillo, Laura Ghyselinck, Ada Cattoir 

Production management Tchack: Barbara Vougnon
Distribution & sales: Het Communicatiehuis bvba / Raoul Servais Collection 

With the support of VAF (Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds/Flanders Audiovisual Fund), the Belgian Tax Shelter and Pictanovo, images en Hauts-de-France, Casa Kafka Pictures (Belfius) 

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