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November Diversion (1962)



On November 11, a man is going to lay a wreath next to his car resting in a junkyard. However, the cemetery turns out to be a labyrinth in which he gets hopelessly lost.


"It was quite pleasant to do because we could see the result much faster ..."



Technical sheet


  • Format: 16mm

  • Black & white

  • Frame: 1 x 1.33

  • Sound: SepMag - Mono

  • Length: 13 '

  • Original version: international - no dialogues

  • Directed by: Raoul Servais & Jean Decock

  • Script: Raoul Servais

  • Animation: Raoul Servais

  • Music: Paul Van Gysegem

  • Cast: Werner Edebau a.o.

  • Produced by: Raoul Servais

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