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Atraksion (2001)



Aimlessly, gale-footed thugs stroll through a desolate and peeling landscape. One of them dares to look at a blinding light. Is this the Liberation? The man decides to take a chance.


“For me, 'Atraksion' meant getting to know the digital image medium. My part was of course limited to giving the necessary guidelines to the computer scientists, whereby I had to establish that the expertise of my assistants was infinitely greater than mine. ”





2001: Special Mention: UIP Competition European Film Academy - Ghent.

2001: Special Jury Prize: International Film Festival - Valladolid (SP).

2003: Grand Prize for Short Film: Fantasporto - Porto (Portugal).

2003: Silver Méliès for Best European Fantastic Film: Fantasporto - Porto.



Technical sheet


  • Format: 35mm

  • Colour

  • Frame: 1 x 1.66

  • Sound: Optical - Stereo Dolby SR

  • Length: 10 ′

  • Original Version: International - no dialogues

  • Directed by: Raoul Servais

  • Assistant director: Rudy Turkovics

  • Script: Raoul Servais

  • Digital backgrounds: Virginie Bourdin, Marc Bracquez

  • Camera: Lou Demeyere

  • Music: Lucien Goethals

  • Cast: Marq Rawls, The MimeCentrum

  • Produced by: Anagram, Oeil pour Oeil (France), realised with the support of the Flemish Community, the CRAAV of the Pas-de-Calais Region and Studio Le Fresnoy

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