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Winter Days (2003)



The collective work 'Winter Days' (Fuyo no hi) consists of 36 animation films made by 35 animators from all over the world. Each contribution, which should be at least 30" long, is inspired by a line of the eponymous poem by 17th-century Japanese master Matsuo Basho and his friends. Kihachiro Kawamoto was the overall director of the film. 'Winter Days' consists of 40 minutes of animation, followed by a 68 minute long making of documentary that includes interviews with some of the makers.


"A hermit is obsessed with the memory of a woman. In his imagination he finds her in a heron that he gives shelter."



Technical sheet


  • Format: 35mm

  • Colour

  • Frame: 1 x 1.66

  • Sound: Optical - Stereo Dolby SR

  • Length: feature film

  • Original Version: International - no dialogues

  • Directed by: Raoul Servais (50 ”) and others

  • Animation: Carl Van Isacker

  • Backgrounds: Raoul Servais

  • Produced by: IMAGICA - Tokyo (also for contact / sales)

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