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Chromophobia (1965)



The gray legions overwhelm the world of colour to establish their colourless dominance. The resistance emerges in the guise of a scarlet jester Thyl Ulenspiegel, who restores the reign of colour using his chromatic trickery.


'Chromophobia' was another step in my evolution towards a simplified, almost schematic graphic design, together with dynamic editing. ”





1966: “San Marco Lion”, First Prize for Animation Film: International Film Festival - Venice (Italy).

1966: First Prize for Short Films “Miqueldi De Plata”: International Film Festival - Bilbao (Spain).

1966: First Prize for Short Films: International Film Festival - Tehran (Iran).

1966: Prize of the Ministry of Culture of Iran - Tehran (Iran);

1966: Film Critic's Award: International Film Festival - Tehran (Iran).

1966: First Prize: International “ILFI” Film Festival - Montreal (Canada).

1966: First Prize: International Film Festival - Hyères (France).

1966: First Prize: Ramat 'Gan International Film Festival (Israel).

1966: Grand Prize for Animation Film: National Film Festival - Antwerp (Belgium).

1966: First Prize: Benelux Film Festival - 's Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands).

1966: CIDALC Prize (Centre International des Arts, Littérature & Cinéma) - Paris (France).

1966: Preis für Volkerfreundschaft: Internationale Kurzfilmtage Leipzig (Germany).

1966: Peace Award: International Film Festival - Moscow (Russia).



Technical sheet


  • Format: 35mm

  • Colour

  • Frame: 1 x 1.33

  • Sound: Optical - Mono

  • Length: 10 '

  • Original version: international - no dialogues

  • Directed by: Raoul Servais

  • Script: Raoul Servais

  • Animation: Raoul Servais

  • Backgrounds: Norbert Desyn

  • Music: Ralph Darbo

  • Produced by: Absolon Films / Anagram, realised with the support of the Ministry of National Education

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