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Raoul Servais is internationally acclaimed for his pioneering work in animation film. As a pioneer he realised fifteen short animation films and one full-length film in an impressive way.

His 16th short film will be released in October 2022!


From original idea to design drawing, from storyboard to painted animation cels, to film: everything carries its own personal signature.


With the films 'Harpya' (Palme d'Or Cannes 1979), 'Taxandria' and 'Nocturnal butterflies' (a tribute to Paul Delvaux), the Ostend founder of the animation film became world famous.


He has won more than 60 international awards.


His graphic work has been exhibited in Annecy, Montréal,

New York, Los Angeles, Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels, Paris, Valladolid, Valenciennes ...


Some of his works can be seen in the Mu.ZEE museum in Ostend, where some of his short films are also permanently screened.


 Contact us for more info. In collaboration with the King Baudouin Foundation.

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