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Tank (2015)



On September 15, 1916, the British were the first to use tanks in an attempt to break through the war of positions during the Battle of the Somme. The deployment of this new weapon meant a hellish experience for both the trench defenders and the tank crew. For Private Otto in his trench as well as for Johny in his tank, all their sentimental concerns come to an end.


"Inspired by Pierre Jean Jouve's poem "Le Tank", this film is a free interpretation of the first tank attack during the First World War."




2015: Silver Spike (Espiga de Plata), International Film Festival - Valladolid (Spain)


Technical sheet


  • Format: DCP

  • Other available media: Blu-ray, digital file (QT ProRes)

  • Colour and black and white

  • Frame: 16: 9

  • Sound format: 5.1

  • Playing time: 6'20 ”

  • Original Version: French, English

  • Directed by: Raoul Servais

  • Assistant director and layout: Rudy Turkovics

  • Script: Raoul Servais

  • Animation: Carl Van Isacker

  • Backgrounds and compositing: Joris Bergmans

  • Compositing: Wouter Bongaerts

  • 3D animation: Philippe Taboureau

  • Sound: Frederik Van de Moortel

  • Cast: (voice cast) Vincenzo De Jonghe

  • Producers: Erwin Provoost, Annemie Degryse

  • Produced by: Santeboetiek & Lunanime, realised with the support of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF)

  • Tax shelter partner: WPG Uitgevers

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