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Novel by Raoul Servais, with illustrations


Witness to Hitlerian and post-Stalinist dictatorships, Raoul Servais has put his experiences at the service of a story in which a youth is on a quest in a society where the degrading ideology of the Eternal Present is in vogue.


The Pupil 'Stuborn Sixteen' appears not to be convinced of the clumsy teaching of Master 'Fifty-Nine', nor of the imposed fanatical conservative way of life that is rampant in his city. Stuborn is thinking!


This version of the Taxandria story closely follows what the filmmaker originally envisioned and differs significantly from the film version.


Raoul Servais wrote this 'philosophical fable' in French and dedicated it to his late wife Nicole van der Vorst.


The 136-page book is illustrated with 40 pencil and charcoal drawings by the artist.


Editions Invenit Tourcoing / 136p. / French / ISBN 978-2-37680-011-8


Book "L'Eternel Présent - conte philosophique" by Raoul Servais

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