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A novella by Raoul Servais - released January 2020


Animation filmmaker, painter, draftsman and graphic artist Raoul Servais may have previously written the scripts for his films with his own hands, but in 2018 he really made his debut as a writer with "L'Eternel présent" (FR).


At the beginning of January 2020, a new - this time in Dutch - publication appeared: "Grauw" - a novella of about 60 pages.

It is a completely fictional story, but inspired by what the writer saw and experienced as a child before and during WWII.


The location of the event is the West Flemish village of Zeveneke and its surroundings, anno 1922.

Jan Sap, an unworldly retired history teacher, discovers how a new ideology is creeping into rural life.

He receives an attractive proposal to cooperate with something that he does not support.

Will he be able to resist the lure of the Gray Order?


The book is illustrated with a dozen original drawings by Raoul Servais.

Pat Van Beirs, known as a youth author, worked as a literary retranslator.


Publisher Daphne / 64p. / Dutch / D / 2020/8618/01

Book "Grauw" by Raoul Servais

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