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Tribute Raoul Servais

On Wednesday 27 September at 7pm, a special commemorative moment in honour of Raoul Servais will be organised in and by Cinematek, the King Baudouin Foundation and Raoul Servais Collection.

During this special evening, some of the most impressive works of this master animator will be screened, paying tribute to his unique contribution to the film industry. During this evening, you will have the opportunity to relive the following short films on big screen : "Chromophobia", "To speak or not to speak", "Nocturnal butterflies" and "Der Lange Kerl" ("The Tall Guy").

In addition, this event will also be a unique opportunity to discover never-before-seen footage from Rudy Pinceel SERVAIS' documentary film.

This exclusive footage will provide an intimate glimpse into the master animator's life and creative journey, adding a valuable element to the commemoration.

The program is enriched with inspiring speeches and enchanting musical interludes by talented artists such as Paul Van Gysegem and Dirk Brossé.

We invite you to join us in this momentous tribute moment and celebrate Raoul Servais' extraordinary legacy. It promises to be an evening full of emotion and appreciation for a true master of the world of animation.

Tickets are on sale from 1 September 2023 at

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