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Stamps Raoul Servais

With a special stamp issue, bpost pays tribute to animation grandmaster Raoul Servais.

Every year, bpost releases about 20 stamp issues.

From tributes to Belgian famous figures to important events in history to nature and culture.

For 2023, bpost wanted to pay tribute to Raoul Servais, pioneer of Belgian animated film.

Raoul Servais was still able to see and approve the design before his death on 17 March 2023 and was very proud and enthusiastic about this tribute.

Each stamp sheet contains 5 gummed stamps (value 1 for Europe) dedicated to Raoul Servais' oeuvre.

At the same time, bpost is also releasing a First Day Sheet. This is a souvenir card with all the unique stamps of a particular issue. The card adheres the issue, stamped on the first day the stamp came out. You will also find the fascinating story behind the little works of art and the technical information of the stamps.

Design stamp sheet : Gert Dooreman.

For sale :

- through our website

- through the eshop of bpost

- at the Filaboetiek Brussels (Avenue Anspach 1, 1000 Brussels) / Open : Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 9h30 to 12h30 and from 13h30 to 17h. / Closing days: all public holidays / from 14 July to 16 August / Tuesday 26 December 2023.

Stamp sheet

First Day Sheet

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