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Documentary SERVAIS + Chromophobia on TV

On Sunday 1 May 2022, VRT/CANVAS will broadcast at 10.50 pm the much awarded documentary SERVAIS (2018) by Rudy Pinceel about the pioneer of European animation film.

This fascinating documentary with interviews of collaborators and friends gives the viewer an insight into the work of this Belgian animation filmmaker who was also the founder of the first animation film school in Europe (formerly Royal Academy of Fine Arts - KASK - now HoGent School of Arts).

Director Rudy Pinceel followed Raoul Servais closely for 3 years.

Don't miss it !

The documentary of 60 minutes will be followed by the projection of the short film CHROMOPHOBIA by Raoul Servais.

This film was made in 1965 and won the Grand Prize for Best Short Film at the 1966 Venice Film Festival. The theme of this short film remains highly topical.

"Black warriors wage war on colour to make the world look black and white. At first they succeed to a great extent, but a Till Eulenspiegel brings colour back to the world with his wiles".

Raoul Servais' graphic work, his original drawings and animation cels and some short films are on permanent display in Mu.ZEE Oostende.

His new short film THE TALL GUY (DER LANGE KERL) will premiere in the autumn.

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