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DER LANGE KERL at Film Fest Gent

Saturday October 15, 2022 Raoul Servais' new short film - made in collaboration with Rudy Pinceel - will be officially presented at Film Fest Gent.

This short film was co-produced by Ghent-based Creative Conspiracy and Tchack from Lille in collaboration with Raoul Servais Collection.

DER LANGE KERL (THE TALL GUY) is Servais' 16th short film. The theme is more topical than ever: innocent people in the stranglehold of a senseless, cruel war. A French and a German soldier stand eye to eye and must decide in a handful of seconds whether to kill each other or not.

The screenplay for this haunting story was born out of the pacifist ideas of Raoul Servais, a living legend in the international world of animated film. Together with Rudy Pinceel, with whom he previously worked for the documentary SERVAIS, they went for a groundbreaking film project. Their joint quest to merge past and present in the story with a mix of live action and animation was not an easy one: from the most subtle film techniques and the creation of soundscapes and complementary colour grading for fiction and animation to the visual balancing of sequences in which humour and fear want to be each other's mirror image.

Dirk Brossé composed the music and gave depth to the realistic live scenes from the present and the animated flashbacks to the past. Gilles De Schryver plays the French soldier François and Matthieu Sys embodies the German soldier Friedrich.


Date : Saturday 15 October 2022 - 14h - official screening of DER LANGE KERL in the presence of the directors Raoul Servais and Rudy Pinceel and various members of staff. During this public performance, music collective Boshaard will also give a preview of their theatre tour, during which they will provide live music for a number of Servais' short films.

Where : Film Fest Gent - Kinepolis

Tickets : from 22 September at Film Fest Gent -

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