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"Chromophobia" in a bunker

From Saturday 11 March until 12 November 2023, discover Raoul Servais' short film Chromophobia in the extraordinary setting of a bunker in the open-air museum

Atlantikwall Raversyde in Ostend !

Every year the museum organises a small art exhibition in 3 German Second World War bunkers.

This year the theme is 'animated film' and the link with war, WWI and WWII, but also the current war in Ukraine is covered.

Chromophobia fits perfectly within this theme. It is a timeless short film about a fascist regime with a chain of chromophobic soldiers suffocating colourful landscapes and gagging the population.

A theme that is still very much alive today.

Practical :


start : Saturday 11 March 2023

end : Sunday 12 November 2023

Tuesday - Sunday : 10.30am - 6 pm (closed on Mondays)

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