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BOSHAARD will continue their theatre tour in 2023 where several short films by Raoul Servais will be accompanied by live music.

The Belgian music collective Boshaard is the new project by Toon Bosschaert (Waar is Ken? ...) and Dominique Vantomme (Axelle Red, Végir ...).

In 2021, they released their warmly received, self-titled debut album. They always perform their music live with classical piano, synthesizers, analogue drum computers and pay a lot of attention to the visual aspect by mixing visuals live with the music.

Boshaard's music goes in many directions: from neo classical, to club shows, to heavy raves.

Chromophobia is a unique experience, somewhere between concert and film.

A dark trip through piano improvisations, haunting themes and beats that stick to the ribs, while Raoul Servais' films take the audience by the hand visually.

Short films : November Diversion • Chromophobia • Sirene • Operation X-70 • Harpya • Atraksion • Nocturnal Butterflies • The False Note

Tickets :


03/02 Ieper, CC Het Perron

15/03 Middelkerke, CC De Branding

21/04 Oostende, CC De Grote Post

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