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4 FILMS BY SERVAIS at Film Fest Gent

Saturday 15 October 2022 DER LANGE KERL (THE TALL GUY), the new short film by Raoul Servais & Rudy Pinceel, will premiere at Film Fest Gent.

Three other short films, i.e. Chromophobia (1965), Atraksion (2001) and The False Note (1963) will also be shown.

These short films will be performed live with a new score by Belgian music collective Boshaard. It will be a unique experience somewhere between concert and film.

Actually a preview of the programme "Boshaard X Servais - Chromophobia"

which can still be seen in cultural centres until 2023. See overview.

A unique opportunity to see all these masterpieces on the big screen !


Date : Saturday 15 October 2022 - 14h - official screening of DER LANGE KERL in the presence of the directors Raoul Servais and Rudy Pinceel, actors Gilles De Schryver and Matthieu Sys and various crew members. During this public performance, music collective Boshaard will also give a preview of their theatre tour, during which they will provide live music for 3 of Servais' short films.

Where : Film Fest Gent - Kinepolis

Tickets : Film Fest Gent - / Ticket price : 5 euro

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