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27/09/'23: an evening full of emotion and art

On Wednesday 27 September 2023, we - Cinematek, the King Baudouin Foundation and Raoul Servais Collection - celebrated a special Tribute to the legendary Raoul Servais at Cinematek.

A tribute to the unforgettable contributions of the master of animated film, the evening was a true spectacle of art and emotion.

Well-known friends and admirers of Raoul Servais shared their personal memories and impressions during this memorable evening.

Their stories brought to life not only the artist but also the person Servais, giving us a deeper insight into his extraordinary life and work.

A highlight of the evening was the musical interlude provided by none other than Paul Van Gysegem, the composer of the magnificent music for "Goldframe."

Talented musicians Jessica Peel and Birgit Eecloo brought Dirk Brossé's compositions to life on marimba and drums.

The music filled the hall with magic and brought Servais' world to life in a new and captivating way.

The Tribute to Raoul Servais was an evening full of warm memories, inspiration and admiration for the man who changed the world of animation forever.

We are grateful for the involvement of everyone who made this evening a success and look forward to continuing the legacy of Raoul Servais through Raoul Servais Collection.

With thanks to organisers Anne De Breuck, Astrid Fobelets, Julie Lenaerts and Isabelle Carpentier from King Baudouin Foundation / Freddy Malondo from Cinematek

and contributions from film critic Philippe Reynaert, KASK Professor Dr Martine Huvenne, director Rudy Pinceel and composer Dirk Brossé

Jessica Peel en Birgit Eecloo

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