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The Ostend filmmaker Raoul Servais (1/05/'28 -17/03/'23)

is considered the father and pioneer of animation film in Belgium and continues to inspire animation filmmakers worldwide today.

He has won numerous awards, including a Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival and founded the first animation film school in Ghent (KASK), the very first on the European mainland. His world-famous oeuvre consists of 15 short animation films and one full-length film.

Welcome, you are on the official website of Raoul Servais Collection ! 

Here you can find works of Raoul Servais such as books / drawings / inkjet prints (numbered and signed by the artist), original animation cels used for the shooting of some short films and the compilation DVD of his short films ánd documentary film SERVAIS (directed by Rudy Pinceel).

We will also bring you news about exhibitions, projects and extra sales points. 

So keep an eye on our website and webshop, which is updated regularly!

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